What Causes the Tidal Bore in Moncton?

Moncton Tidal Bore

The tidal bore in Moncton is a natural phenomenon, which is primarily caused by the unique interplay of the Bay of Fundy’s unparalleled tides and the geographical features of the Petitcodiac River. This phenomenon is characterized by a wave that travels upstream against the current of the Petitcodiac River. It is not merely a local … Read more

What Is a Neap Tide? The Science Behind Coastal Changes

Neap tide effects

Tides, the daily rise and fall of sea levels, are a marvel of nature that has intrigued humans for centuries. Among the various types of tides, neap tides stand out for their unique characteristics and effects on coastal environments. But what exactly is a neap tide, and why should we care about it? In this … Read more

What is a Storm Surge Warning? Coastal Weather Alerts

Stay safe! Understand storm surge warnings and coastal weather alerts. Prepare and stay informed during severe weather conditions

A storm surge warning represents a critical alert concerning the potential for life-threatening inundation from rising waters moving inland from the coastline during a severe weather event such as a tropical, subtropical, or post-tropical cyclone. This warning predicts that such conditions are possible generally within 36 hours, urging immediate attention and action to protect life … Read more

Are Hopewell Rocks Worth Visiting? New Brunswick’s Natural Marvel

hopewell rocks

Discover the iconic Hopewell Rocks, a highlight of New Brunswick’s Fundy Coast, where you can experience the marvel of walking on the ocean floor during low tide. The Hopewell Rocks, also known as Flowerpot Rocks, are an incredible natural phenomenon, featuring sea stacks that rise dramatically from the tidally transformed seabed. Whether on a solo … Read more

Worlds Highest Tides: Nature’s Powerful Phenomenon

largest tides

Tidal movements are a captivating natural phenomenon, orchestrated by the celestial pull of the Moon and the Sun on our ocean’s waters. The magnitude of the tides can be amplified or diminished by the unique characteristics of regional geographies and various atmospheric conditions. These factors interplay to present a dynamic range of tidal experiences, from … Read more

Bay of Fundy Ferries – Set Sail on an Adventure

Bay of Fundy ferries allow you to cruise across the bay, reach the Fundy Isles or cross the Gulf of Maine bringing visitors from Portland Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. The Fundy ferries can give you a feel of the powerful run of the tides or an opportunity to see whales and porpoises as you and your car … Read more