Tidal rapids, whirlpools, and rips

The 4th way to see the tides is to visit a location where the tidal rapids, whirlpools or rips can be seen. The Bay of Fundy coast is definitely not smooth and linear; there are many craigy cliffs and sharp headlands jutting out into the Bay which “interfere” with the flow of water in and out of the Bay, or at the very least cause the water to flow in interesting patterns.

The Old Sow off the coast of Deer Island: the largest whirlpool in the western hemisphere, the second largest in the world — second only to the Maelstrom Whirlpool of Norway. This natural wonder can be seen from the shores of Eastport, Maine. The best time to see the Old Sow is 3 hours before high tide.

Where can I go to see the tidal rapids, whirlpools & rips?

In New Brunswick

  • Reversing Falls in Saint John,
  • Cape Enrage,
  • Passamaquoddy Bay (by boat, off the coast of St Andrews or between Black’s Harbour and Deer Island)
  • The Old Sow off the coast of Deer Island

In Nova Scotia

  • Cape d’Or near Advocate,
  • Cape Split — it’s a 4-hour hike out there (near Wolfville),
  • in the channels of Digby Neck between Digby Neck and Long Island, and
  • between Long Island and Brier Island.