Recommended activities & attractions

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Fossil sites and attractions

    • DSC_0045

    Cliffs of Fundy Geopark

    • Fundy-Geological-Museum

    Fundy Geological Museum

    • Joggins_scaled

    Joggins Fossil Cliffs

Kayaking and boat tours

    • Baymount

    Baymount Adventures

    • Nova-Shores_scaled

    Nova Shores Adventures

    • Hinterland-Adventures

    Hinterland Adventures and Gear

Museums and historic sites

    • IMG_2464

    Ottawa House by-the-sea Museum

    • Avon-R

    Avon Heritage Museum

    • Bass-River-Museum

    Bass River Museum

    • site-1

    Age of Sail Museum

    • NB-Museum2

    New Brunswick Museum

Parks and trails

    • DSC_0045

    Cliffs of Fundy Geopark

    • 40528224

    19th Hole Clubhouse & Eatery at the Pines Resort

    • 19369722

    Churchill’s Restaurant & Lounge

    • Digby-Pines

    Digby Pines Golf Course

    • digby-pines-golf-resort-and-spa-activities1

    Digby Pines Spa

Tidal sites and interpretive centres

    • S-Maitland

    Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre

    • Burntcoat

    Burntcoat Head Park

    • Tide01

    Hopewell Rocks

Vineyards and wineries

    • Patio

    Planters Ridge Winery

    • Domaine-de-Grand-Pre-Aerial-in-Spring-3-of-3-1_scaled

    Grand Pre Winery

Whale watching

    • Island-Quest_scaled

    Island Quest Marine

    • Quoddy_Link

    Quoddy Link Marine

    • Jolly-Breeze

    Jolly Breeze Tall Ship Whale Adventures

    • Ocean-Explorations

    Ocean Explorations Zodiac Whale Cruises

    • Mariner-Cruises

    Mariner Cruises and Seabird Tours

Guided tours

    • RoadsToSeaGuidedTours_003_scaled

    “Roads To Sea” Guided Tours

    • Blue-Diamond

    Blue Diamond Tours

    • Freewheeling_scaled

    Freewheeling Adventures

    • Gael-Tours_scaled

    Gael Tours

    • Fundy-Adventures

    Fundy Adventures